About Us

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, BBM has made remarkable services in East Africa providing architecture andengineering for buildable projects in Kenya, Uganda, S. Sudan, Somalia & Tanzania.

Our clientele are encouraged to be involved in the design process from the on-start, as their input is vital in the achievement of the scheme design. However, we are particularly flexible at all phases of the project, and ensure that all their clients' desires are fully integrated.

We have range of Morden Software & Hardware, which now allows us to respond to clients' needs, and developing high quality technical information for the construction team. Our computer model generating facilities are also greatly valued by our clients, who are keen to see photo realistic images of their projects at a very early stage. The extent to which our office is computerized also allows us to process technical information extremely quickly which in turn allows us to offer extremely short pre-contract design time and sophisticated post-contract financial monitoring and project management.

We love our work, and always seek to give all our clientele a first class service by providing them with quality, prestigious buildings that are worth for capital.



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